Can I take her with me?

I fly out tonight for a wedding without Mr Incredible and without Adventure Girl… and I’m struggling because of how much I want to take them with me. For the past 15 months (longer if you include pregnancy), Adventure Girl and I have slept under the same roof, and if I tally the time away from her, I doubt in all those 15 months if I’ve been absent from her for more than 60 hours. So much of my life has become wrapped around her, so much of my identity and purpose – keep her alive, keep her thriving where possible, keep her nourished always. Oh how I will miss her, even though I know Mr Incredible will do an outstanding job. I’m sure I’ll bore all the other wedding guests and the friends who I meet with stories about my little Adventure Girl. I hope in the process of being apart for 2 days though, I’ll be able to reconnect with a part of me I haven’t been able to find since she’s come along, the part that doesn’t need to think about a meal in advance, can be more spontaneous and can travel without constantly looking out for someone else… I’m sure I will though, and each time I turn around to see she’s not there, will miss her all over again. Big hugs await on Monday morning!

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