Adventure Day: Crosslands Walk

I’ve gotten out of the habit of thinking to blog about our Adventure Days. We still have them and we’re planning a lot more. We recently went on a bush walk at Crosslands in Hornsby. This small walk is part of a much larger walk called The Great North Walk which is a 250km walk connecting Sydney to Newcastle. One day we’d love to walk the whole thing but for now, micro-adventures like this one are more our style.

Crosslands is located at the end of Sommerville Road in Hornsby Heights. To get to the start of this walk you need to travel down quite a windy road and then park at the far north end of the carpark. It’s free parking (and entry) with gates opening at sunrise and setting at sunset (there’s a call out fee if you’re locked in so make sure you’re on time!). You can even camp overnight at the reserve but there is a fee involved for this and for more information you can check out Hornsby Council’s website.

At 2km it was our longest Bushwalk, however, as the kids walked the whole way I think I’ll actually take that as a matter of pride. I left the walk thinking that there’s a good business opportunity for someone to teach parents how to bush walk with their kids. I felt I was a bit out of my depth with the “don’t touch that tree – see the spiders” and “let’s not put our fingers down the holes we see, little things live in there that might bite you” and knowing when to let them scramble over rocks and when not to… On the whole I want to be a stand off parent and let the kids adventure/find their limits, however, I also think there’s a responsibility to know how to educate properly and be prepared for what might happen. I’ll be brushing up on my knowledge in these areas before my next walk.
Pregnancy Rating:
 5 – Until we turned around (we walked up until the track got a little less toddler friendly and then turned around) it was a lovely walk with very little incline
. You could push a pram along the first kilometre or so and getting out in nature like this and the ability to sit by the water is lovely.

Toddler Rating: 4 – Adventure Girl and Dash both really enjoyed their outing and felt a great deal of pride in being able to do it. The walk does go along water though and, as it’s a bush walk there are hazards and creepy crawlies… this is why it got a 4
not a 5.

Older Kid Rating: 5 – You can hike for as long as you want and afterwards even go for a swim!

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