more than our profiles

I’ve been thinking a lot lately on how are lives are portrayed to others. What we share, what we don’t share and that while we may not purposefully mean to be showing the highlight reel, who the wrong impressions can be projected due to our natural filtering.

Here’s just one example of many:

I’m currently sitting on a very comfy couch in Christchurch NZ drinking pinot noir and enjoying an incredible cheese board.

Cue photo of said cheese board and wine.

What this picture doesn’t show is my family at home and my 2 year old’s foot in plaster due to a fracture he sustained yesterday after I left. It doesn’t convey my mixed emotions about being in one location for an important event, hanging out with my awesome family here and being away from my maternal role with all the anxiety that ensues. It doesn’t convey the echoes of utter loneliness and isolation I’ve felt when I’ve been the one with two kids in a hospital with little support network. My thankfulness to my mother for being able to stay an extra day, yet the sadness she won’t be there when I return etc.etc.etc.

We pick and choose which scene to share – the cheeseboard or the fractured foot. We naturally filter. We don’t want to be the “songbird who has tales to tell and so many times describes our living hell” (or for that matter your living paradise) as one of my favourite songwriters so eloquently puts it and I paraphrase here. We all filter. We all talk in riddles at times and amazing pictures at others. We are all light and dark and shadows and tapestries. Social media can never convey the real picture, especially when life is so complex. The thing is, I don’t think it should. We need people around us to genuinely share our lives – all the tapestry – but we also need to be wise with who those trusted ones are and know we can’t be vulnerable with everyone.

We are complex, we are wonderful, we are more than our profile.

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