Mother’s Day – There’s a reason

As a woman who was childless into my thirties while school friends had children MUCH earlier, I often struggled with Mother’s Day. As a single woman I hated the day – selfishly of course – I loved and appreciated my own mother but grieved for what I never thought would be mine. Could be mine.

Today though, those thoughts have changed. Damn it, we have Mothers Day for a reason! Today I have a mountain of work to get through before I travel overseas later in the week. I have meals to prepare, food to buy, washing to do, cleaning to accomplish, paid work to be faithful to, a Thermomix demonstration, packing, appointments to make and keep, millions of hugs to give, complaints to listen to, needs to understand and on top of that all… my two kid free days have VANISHED due to sickness and needing to have children home. Honestly – Mother’s Day is a day to acknowledge the trenches many of us are in. Mother’s Day is to recognise what our own mothers went through. We may grieve, especially if they’re no longer alive, but we acknowledge.

Today I’m a bit angry that I took away from yesterday the acknowledgement of what I do because I was so concerned about others and their journey. One day, one day to go “ok, this is hard/beautiful/passionate/burdensome/intense but it’s my lot now for great and terrible – thank you for seeing that”.

FYI, yesterday was pretty great. I knitted a scarf for my own mother 🙂 My daughter kind of ruined the mood though by saying “Dee Dee (my mom) is super old – I’ll be sad when she dies soon.” Thanks for the reality check Adventure Girl!



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