I live in Sydney, Australia and am in the process of coming to terms with the many changes that abound with giving up a full time career to becoming a full time carer. I’m the stay at home mum of Adventure Girl and Dash (who have both developed dramatically since starting this blog and have gone from eating whatever we happen to be eating to sadly becoming more fussy as they develop and tests boundaries. We still eat the same meals though and enjoy family dinners) and wife of Mr Incredible (you may laugh at the name but seriously, this is a man who has gone to our favourite Japanese restaurant to ask on my behalf for some of their teriyaki sauce when my own has failed). Mr Incredible has recently been diagnosed as having an allergy to wheat which is reflected in some blog posts. We live on one average income and see food as medicine as well as wonderful to eat. I crave good food and eating out, but this is often beyond our budget so instead I try to re-create at home the things I’d love to buy. This is my blog of trying to live a whole life: feeding on food, humour, friendship, intellectual discourse, adventure, theological ponderings and love. I welcome you to join my journey.

Beth is a thirty-something mother who lives in Hornsby, Sydney. She’s married to Mr Incredible and they have one daughter – Adventure Girl and a son nicknamed Dash. In a previous life she was an Executive Assistant who worked in Hong Kong, regional Queensland and Sydney.

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