I’m not a crafty mom… and that’s ok

For a long while I felt guilty that I found it hard to be crafty with my kids. I follow Tinkerlab and other such inspirational sites and often feel that my aspiration is let down by my day to day desire and energy. When I was pregnant I thought I’d be a crafty mom. I thought I’d have heaps of time and could do my sewing and all the things I like to do when inspiration strikes. Now that I have children my thought process is rather different. Sure, I COULD do that, but I’d have to clean a space, get out the equipment, manage little hands and be ok with them leaving the project half way through OR being faced with the mess to clean up afterwards. Too often my mind jumps through these steps and decides that there’s other things to be done.

Today though, Adventure Girl picked up that I was in one of those moods. Washing to put away, food to make, Dash and his foot in plaster making life more difficult, on to my third cup of tea kind of day. Adventure Girl is rather smart so when I asked her if she’d like to pick a book to read, off she went to get her Mummy and Me Craft book. It’s a book that she loves to read but to be honest I think we’ve made 2 of the things inside it.

Today though was different.

Today, Adventure Girl picked up on where I was at and decided to bring me her craft book. And some disposable spoons. And some pipe cleaners. And then place them on the clean kitchen bench. “Mummy, can we make this?” – How can I say no! She’s done all the work and she’s not yet four.

IMG_3439.JPGSo we did. We did craft. I got the glue and some wool. She decided mine needed a green pom pom hairdo (I think I should brush my hair more often) and I found some cupcake cases for the skirts. Dash joined in too and together we made what the book showed (well, kind of). Three spoon people. Not perfect but perfect for us.

I’m not one of those people you’ll follow on Pinterest. I love to follow others though and when creativity sparks attempt something. I write this thinking of the jumper I felted and haven’t yet made booties out of and my grand plans of making a crochet doll. The doll and pattern is from an incredible book which also has all the patterns to make the dress ups  for the doll…. the sticky point being I’m still learning how to crochet and my girl is growing faster than my skill level. Will she still be interested when she’s 6 or 8 or 12 I wonder? Perhaps I should get lessons instead of just trying to learn on YouTube!


All these thoughts run through my head. Part of me is sad and wishes that I was diligent and creative and able to help my daughter and son explore that side of them by involving them more. Especially when Dash’s happy place is doing these fine motor skills. Then, I step back and find myself thankful for the people who are crafty. For Adventure Girl’s Preschool and teachers who help her develop and know she can make things. For her Gran who plays better than most kids. For those who fill my gaps. I may not be a crafty mom. That’s ok, there’s things I do that others don’t. In the mean time I’ll just remember that my daughter is learning independence and that’s a pretty handy life skill.